Every Thing You Need to Know for Becomeing a Hairdresser


The industry of beauty and wellness has noticed an increasing growth in the past few years. Nowadays, people have become much more conscious about keeping themselves in a well groomed condition, and also flaunt a look, which has the capacity of reflecting their personality, in front of the world. Thus, hairdressing is a constantly growing industry, which helps us to keep ourselves young and fashionable.

As a career, it is an amazing and glamorous field to work on it, and you would be completely satisfied with new fashion trends and styles, emerging in every season.

Required Qualification:

There is no specific qualification, which is a must have for you to begin the career of a hairdresser. No specific subject qualifications are needed. Any student, who has finished their final exams of class 10th are considered a suitable candidate for this course. But, there are certain qualities, which the employer would definitely look in you, like:-

  • Communication skill
  • Stamina
  • Patience
  • Enthusiasm
  • Reliability

What does a Hairdresser Do?

A well-qualified hairdresser, after finishing their Hairdressing Course, from a renowned organization, generally chooses to work in a beauty saloon, in order to gather all the experiences of running a business successfully. The things, which they have to do in a spa are, shampoo, cutting, coloring, perming, set and dry hair by using a various range of hair care products and techniques.

You also have to be well aware about the safety and health of your clients, by understanding the harmful effects of the chemicals, existing in various hair care products. In many places, a hairdresser might also perform the duties of a receptionist. New entrants begin their career by carrying out simple hairdressing tasks like, washing the hair or providing a simple and easy hair cuts to the customers.

Curriculum of the Course:

If making people look absolutely stunning and gorgeous, by providing them a hair cut, which suits very well with their personality, makes you happy, then the career of a hairdresser suits you the most. The curriculum of the course are-

  • Hair trichology
  • Hair sectioning
  • Theory of hair disorders
  • Roller setting
  • In and out curls setting, etc.

Skills of a Hairdresser:

In order to become a successful and well known hairdresser in your future, there are a few skills, which a hairdresser should have,

  • Be artistic as well as creative.
  • A qualified hairdresser, should have the capacity of providing a warm welcome to their clients, in order to make them feel relaxed.
  • Maintaining a tactful and friendly manner.
  • Openness to learning new ideas and techniques.
  • Always be prepared to handle the health and safety related issues.
  • Should have the physical stamina to stand for a longer period and also has the stamina for working under a tough schedule.

Training and Development:

Once you have started working as a hairdresser, there is a need for you to keep yourself updated about the newest fashion trends, techniques, and products which are launching in the market.

As a hairdresser you could also train yourself in the use of more modern and creative techniques in a number of areas, like for example coloring of hair, bridal hair styling, using hair extensions and wigs in a more fashionable and creative way. You could develop your career by completing higher level qualifications, such a foundation degree, HNC/HND or degree. These normally incorporate further specialist skills with training in salon management.

Working Conditions and environment:

Working hours of a hair stylist may vary, depending upon the salon, where they have decided to start working as an employee. Most hairdressers work up to 40 hours in a week, and the timing of their work is usually between 9 am to 5 pm or 6 pm in the evening.

Part-time work is also frequently available for the hairdressers and self-employment is a common choice for them. Self-employed hair stylists has the capacity of deciding, whether she would like to work from their own home or they make visits to the clients houses. The priority of the job is client satisfaction and hair stylists have to be helpful and enthusiastic towards clients even when they are tired and the salon is busy.

But this work may not be suitable for those, who has a problem of facing various skin irritations by coming into the contact of chemicals, or have a breathing problem. As the continuous use of chemicals and frequent contact with water can make the situation worse.

Career Opportunities:

This is one of the most quickly growing industry, in the sector of beauty and wellness. Once finishing the Hairdressing Course you can start your career as a well qualified hairdresser, working in the fashion industry. You could start your career by working in a salon, and after gathering a few years of experience, you can also think about opening your own salon.

Another option, available in front of a hairdresser is, they could also work as a freelancer, by going to the client’s home, instead of working in a salon. With experience, you could progress to jobs like senior stylist or salon manager. By taking suitable further qualifications, you could move into training or assessing.

The frequent and rising growth of the beauty and wellness sector has given a rise to various professions, and among them, the profession of a hairdresser is the remarkable one, as it has the capacity of enhancing your acquired skills, in a different way. The students, after finishing their hairdressing course can also begin their career independently by opening a salon.


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