An Outlook Towards the Profession of Paramedical Esthetician

Diploma in Paramedical

Nowadays, people have become much more conscious about keeping themselves young and beautiful, forever. Unlike the old days, people are now spending more and more time in following a beauty regime, in order to get back that youthful look again. So, to help the people in locking their beauty modern technology has come up with a new field for enhancing your beauty, paramedical cosmetology.

Who are Paramedical Esthetician?

The people who are working in the sector of beauty and health can choose the way of becoming a paramedical esthetician, after finishing their Diploma in Paramedical Courses. A paramedical esthetician is a skin care specialist who assists doctors in treating people, with skin problems, caused by medical or some other issues. This is a specialized, medicinal field, which enables the diploma holders to enhance the external beauty of their clients.

Paramedical Esthetician Requirement:

A paramedical esthetician needs a basic training in skin care treatments, products and many other techniques. There are several training options available for the students, like- diploma, degree or certificate program in paramedical cosmetology. But, most of these programs will include classroom and clinical training. Topics covered in paramedical esthetician programs include:

  • Structure and function of skin and hair
  • Make-up techniques
  • All types of chemical peels
  • Laser
  • RF techniques
  • Theoretical knowledge of Botulinum toxin and dermal fillers

Duties of a Paramedical Esthetician:

The main responsibility or duty of a paramedical esthetician is to help, preparing the skin before the surgery and also taking care of the skin after the surgery, in order to promote healing. You may choose to work under a plastic surgeon, or in a hospital. The treatment of a paramedical esthetician help patients to heal quickly after the surgery. They also have the capacity of minimizing the damage to the skin, at the time of the surgery. The other duties of an esthetician may include:

  • Analyzing the skin problems
  • Explaining treatment options to the patients
  • Recommending various products
  • Performing facial massages
  • Applies camouflaging make-up

A paramedical esthetician usually works in a medical office and all job duties are carried out under the direction of a plastic surgeon or dermatologist.

Career Opportunities of a Paramedical Esthetician:

Along with the growth in the field of technology and science, the gap between scientific and cosmetic skin care treatment have been bridged very well. After achieving a Diploma in Paramedical Courses the ideal way for a student to kick start his or her career by working in dermatology clinics, where they will gain the crucial knowledge by working under a senior paramedical esthetician. After working in a clinical setting, students will come to know their forte which will assist them to relate to their clients. As this is a booming industry, so the students will be able to utilize their talents, in order to become successful in their lives. Opening a solo practice as a paramedical esthetician can also be a challenging job.

Paramedical cosmetology is a field, which involves online and practical training for encompassing all medical procedures, aimed to improve skin color, texture, tone which suffers from changes due to aging. This program can provide some new opportunities in front of the medical professionals.


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