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Become a Skincare Expert with A Skin Basics Course in Kolkata

Skin Basics Course

The main topics of study integrated in a fundamental  skin course are natural skin care methods, face packs, skin nutrition, massage techniques,anti – aging treatments, exfoliation methods, spa and  aromatherapy massages,  human anatomy, body structure, hair removal techniques from the skin, skin analysis and disorders, facials, body massage treatments so that the skin looks flawless and free from all problems. Other areas of study includes hygiene techniques, performing tailor-made skin treatments on clients and providing skin counseling.

Students who aspire to become an aesthetician or skin care expert in leading dermatology clinics and beauty parlors opt for fundamental Skin Basics Course in Kolkata in an aesthetic school.  The popularity of the skin courses is increasing by leaps and bounds and comprehensive training can be extremely beneficial for opening rewarding career opportunities in the retail stores, departmental units and entertainment industry.

Pupils can study various  secrets and tricks to keep skin healthy and in a good condition. Facial treatments, deep cleansing, steaming, facial mask theory are some topics integrated in the course. Advanced treatments like Microdermabrasion, dermal fillers, collagen facial, acne and scar reduction  can enrich their sphere of knowledge further.

Apart from the facial treatments classes on aromatherapy body massages can be extremely beneficial. Aromatherapy treatments can cure issues associated with mature skin, extra dry skin, oily skin, normal skin, sensitive skin, disorders like eczema, and blemishes. Here students will learn about the origin of the essential oils, selecting the proper carrier oils,  blending them for effective use, diluting the oils. Besides aromatic oils, pupils will become familiar with rare botanical extracts and herbs to be used for skin massaging treatments. Some of the popular spa treatments for the body that pupils will become familiar will be Thai massage, Swedish massage, body wraps, Javanese lulur, reflexology,  Reiki, Chakra etc.

Pupils who intend to learn only about the facial treatments can enroll for the aesthetic facial courses only. Whereas if their interest lies on becoming massage therapist, then a spa and aromatherapy skin course is just ideal. If they want to learn about all the skin treatments comprehensively and precisely, then the basic and advanced skin courses are perfect.

Students will be given thorough training through classroom lectures and laboratory sessions. After that they can start their practice and embark on different career challenges. Vocational  beauty schools offer certificate, diploma, or associate’s degree program for the students to choose from.

The biggest advantage to pursue a Skin Basics Course in Kolkata is that learners can get acquainted with various effective skincare products to execute various skin treatments precisely and safely. Right from rich exfoliating  scrubs to hot stone bath massage, they can perform all skin related beauty treatments.

To conclude, pursuing a basic skin course can give a great mileage to a candidate’s  career. He or she can not only solve skin issues of the clients but their problems too. Even they can serve up celebrities and provide customized beauty solutions. So get started with it.


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